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Premier Bananas

Premier’s largest category, bananas, boasts investment in farming, packing, ripening, marketing, and research and development, ensuring we support both industry and category growth, while providing ongoing customer support.

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Premier Banana Locations

The geographic diversification of our farming ventures, ranging through tropical North Queensland and the Northern Territory, offer ideal growing climates, allowing for a consistent supply of Cavendish and Lady Finger bananas year-round.

Australian Banana Company, Queensland

ABC is Premier's banana packing facility in North Queensland, distributing bananas for growers in the region.


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Innisfail Banana Farming Company, Queensland

IBFC is Premier's joint venture farm with the Borsato Family. Together, we provide quality fruit fresh from farm.


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Darwin Fruit Farms, Northern Territory

DFF is supplies NT and National customers with consistent commercial quantities of bananas all year round.


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Investing in Research & Development

Premier are invested in finding a solution for Panama TR4 – a fungus wilt disease affecting Cavendish banana plants by restricting their ability to absorb nutrients. 

In 2011, Premier partnered with the Queensland University of Technology on a TR4 resistance research program. Now in its second wave, the research continues to develop techniques that aim to build TR4 resistance in Cavendish banana plants. 


Our Partners

Some of Premier’s dedicated Cavendish banana partners include:

Our Favourite Banana Recipe

Need to use up some of those old bananas in your fruit bowl? 


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