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Premier Farming Operations

Premier farming expands across all Australian States. Through our own farms, joint venture farms, and strategic grower partnerships, we ensure a robust supply chain, producing fresh produce year-round.

 Lancaster Farms

Located in the Goulburn Valley Region, Lancaster Farms is home to Premier’s 5-hectare retractable roof Gourmet tomato greenhouse, a Persimmon orchard, outdoor Kent and Butternut production, melon production and onsite packing and distribution facilities.

Australian Banana Company

Australian Banana Company (ABC) is Premier’s banana packing facility in Innisfail, Queensland.

Established in 1995, ABC operates year-round and supports growers across the Innisfail district.

Innisfail banana farming company

Innisfail Banana Farming Company (IBFC) is Premier’s joint venture farm with the Borsato Family, established in 2008. 

Together, we focus on providing Australian consumers quality bananas, fresh from the farm. 


Darwin fruit Farms (DFF) located in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory.
Formerly a joint venture with Pinata Farms, this acquisition will allow Premier to regain our focus on growing bananas in TR4 Panama effected soil and continue to supply NT and National customers with consistent commercial quantities of bananas all year round.
It will also provide further job opportunities and economic growth in the region.

Our Grower Partners

Double D

Located in Ayr, QLD, Double D is one of Premier’s grower partners, supplying high-quality capsicums and melons to Premier for over six years.


VoCo Fresh Farms

VoCo Fresh Farms is located in Virginia SA and is an exclusive grower partner with Premier. VOCO grows and packs tomatoes & capsicum in their protected cropping facility.


Le Fresh Hydroponics

LeFresh Hydroponics is located in Virginia SA and is an exclusive grower partner with Premier. LeFresh grows and packs tomatoes & cucumbers in their protected cropping facility.