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Premier Fresh Australia

Premier Fresh Australia is one of Australia’s largest fresh produce supply chain companies, providing domestic and overseas customers a single source of supply across a diverse range of fruit and vegetable categories.


The Group’s farm production capacity and grower network spans all Australian states and includes open field growing as well as protected cropping.

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PREMIER Operations

Premier Fresh Australia business operations are enhanced by climate-controlled distribution services, packing and advanced ripening facilities, and a Central Market Trading presence in every Australian State.


Our farming and distribution operations, coupled with major and independent retailer relationships, ensure we reach Australian households with good quality, healthy, fresh produce.

Premier Fresh Australia History

With a 100-year history, Premier is the coming together of various produce businesses who have evolved into one of the largest fresh produce supply chain companies in Australia.

Premier today, was established from the 2016 merger of the LaManna Group and Premier Fruits Group. All shareholders remain in the business, with Market Gardeners Ltd in New Zealand being the major shareholder.

Premier People

Our people remain key to Premier’s success and our heritage continues to prosper through future generations who share our passion in supplying fresh produce.

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