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Australian Banana Company

Australian Banana Company (ABC) is Premier’s banana packing facility in Innisfail, Queensland. ABC supports growers across the Innisfail district by providing access to Premier Quality and Technical teams, packing and distribution methods, marketing, and more.

Watch the video to hear more about operations at ABC. 

Supporting Local

With a primary focus on local employment and communities, ABC offer a diverse range of employment opportunities across operations.

ABC Work Experience

Providing young people exposure to a career in the horticulture industry through internship and graduate opportunities.

Our Vision

To develop the skills of future generations and enhance local employment, ensuring a prosperous horticulture future.

Our Community

Working with individuals in the community to provide access to long-term career opportunities on farm and in operational roles.

ABC Bananas

Find ABC Bananas in many of your local retailers. Look out for the white sticker and the ABC logo.

By purchasing ABC Bananas, you’re directly supporting Australian business, Australian growers, and Australian produce.


ABC Logo