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Lancaster Farms

Lancaster Farms is an 81-hectare farm property located in the Goulburn Valley Region, Victoria.

Lancaster Farming Operations

Indoor crop

Australia’s first 5-hectare retractable roof greenhouse growing tomatoes hydroponically .

Outdoor crop

Outdoor persimmon orchard and Kent and Butternut pumpkin production.

Storage & Distribution

Cool storage and distribution facilities, directing produce to most Australian states.

Growing Sustainably

Sustainable growth for Lancaster Farms means focusing on the long term objectives and future outcomes.

Environmental Benefits

Focusing on efficiently utilising water, land, and power, means we leverage sustainable practices while minimising waste and land use.

Employment Practices

Catering to employment within the region, the greenhouse provides a weather-friendly work environment and access to a longer season.

Farm Expansion

Premier plan to expand undercover farming operations at Lancaster Farms, ensuring growth of premium quality products.