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Premier Tropical & Exotic Fruits

From mangoes and lychees, to durian and soursop, we boast a wide range of Australian tropical and exotic fruits.


Premier Key Tropical Varieties

Kensington Pride Mango
R2E2 Mango
Honey Gold Mango
Kiet Mango
lychee 3
Papaya & Pawpaw

Other Premier tropical lines include dragon fruit, custard apple, jackfruit, pineapple, mangosteens and durian.

Premier Tropical Supply

Premier's tropical category is made up of Australia’s finest tropical grower network. Some of our growers include:

Miceli Farms,

Gug Miceli in Mareeba, QLD, is one of Premier's consistent grower partners, supplying juicy lychees all season.

Zappala Farming, Queensland

Zappala Farming in Innisfail, QLD, has been supplying Premier fresh pawpaw's and papaya's for over 10 years.

Darwin Fruit Farms, Northern Territory.

Our joint venture farm harvests a significant crop of Honey Gold mangoes during mango season .

Premier Kiwifruit Varieties

Premier Kiwifruit Supply

Working with kiwifruit growers across Australia, New Zealand, and Italy, means Premier can supply sweet kiwifruit year-round.

Some of our growers include:

Nutri Kiwi, New Zealand

We work closely with New Zealand grower, Nutri Kiwi, to supply Green kiwifruits to major and independent retailers nationwide.

Jade Quality, Australia

Our domestic supply partner, Jade Quality, in Victoria, provides kiwifruit during the Australian season between March-June.

Agrilepidio, Italy

Premier works with Italian grower, Agrilepidio, to supply sweet kiwifruits during December to March, outside the Australian season .

Our Favourite Exotic Flavours 

Using a mix of both green and gold kiwi fruit, keep cool with this delicious Kiwi Lime and Mint cooler by delcious!

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Nothing screams tropical like Pina colada ice-cream cake. This is an all-time favourite of ours by 

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