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Introducing Butterkin Pumpkins

Bursting with flavour and easy to peel,  an all NEW variety of Pumpkins, introducing Butterkin.

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The all NEW way to enjoy Pumpkins


Butterkin Pumpkins are bred smaller in diameter and flat, making it a good family size. With a smooth tan exterior and an impressive vibrant orange interior, these easy to peel Pumpkins are great for soups, roasting and baking. Like all Pumpkins, Butterkin Pumpkins are highly nutritious, rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, which is great for immunity and reducing the risk of chronic disease. Try Butterkin Today!

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Butterkin Pumpkin Supply

Butterkin Pumpkins have been grown in two regions.

Lancaster Farms, VIC

Premier's Lancaster Farms, located in the Goulburn Valley Region, Victoria .


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Hayfield Farm, NSW

Premier's grower partner Hayfield Farm, located in Forbes, NSW .


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Go Savoury!

Bake, Steam, Roast, Add… the sweet flavour of Butterkin is the perfect addition to any dish. 

Try this Pumpkin Risotto recipe from SBS food.